Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Huff'n'Puff or just media Fluff?

It seems to me that all this drama surrounding the leadership of the Liberal party is more like melodrama than anything of real substance. The media keeps huffing and puffing about how everyone in the Liberal party wants Howard to bow out of the leadership role but it looks more like fluff created by the media to cause a change they want to see in the public perception. The Newspoles that are continually coming out, where the coalition is looking worse and worse, are the basis of the Liberal partys' leadership concerns in the media's eyes. However, every Liberal minister that has been questioned about the Howard leadership issue has shown their support and, more importantly, not seemed stressed out in any way about Prime Minister Howard as a man, as a leader or as their best chance to win the election.
Whatsmore, the media seems to pushing this issue, which ends up taking away the focus of what this election should really be about - policies and the parties capability to run the country. It almost feels like we're having the wool pulled over our eyes in the lead up to this election in the hopes that we forget that Rudd hasn't produced any policies of better substance and certainly hasn't shown that he or his party has the capability of runnig this country any better than the current government is.
I'd really like to see the media stop acting like sheep and break away from the pack to start giving the public some fair, honest and truthful reports on the government candidates and their policies. We have had our television screens taken over by workchoices propaganda from Labor that is simply not true or is a major exaggeration on the facts. The government has been forced to waste millions of tax payers dollars clearing up the mess that Labor has created with the wokchoices debate. This is one small part of each Party's policies and I for one am sick of hearing the pointless banter that the media keeps encouraging with the help of "Newspoll" - it is not achieving anything more than disturbance and distraction from what should be the real issues of the forthcoming election.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The New B Town

Welcome to the new B Town: Blog Town (instead of Bathurst).
A big hello to all those newly bloghappy Public Relations kids out there and anyone else who stumbles onto my humble blogabode. I will post another - more insightful - comment in the near future but until then have a lovely evening!
Much love..
xxx edi